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Holiday Gift Guide: Home Decor

Hi love. My favorite month of the year is approaching! I love the month of December for so many reasons! I cant contain my excitement. I love all the holiday decorations that pop up everywhere. I love seeing lights and listening to Christmas music, baking, cooking and most importantly spending time with my family. The one thing I do not look forward to, as much, is shopping for Christmas presents because it is so difficult! This year I decided to put a list together of awesome goodies, to organize myself, and I am sharing it with you. Hope this helps you, and remember you can always treat yourself as well!                                                                           

Mother’s Day Decor

Hello loves! Mothers day is one of the most important day for us to celebrate because we love our mom and we are so grateful to have an amazing and wonderful mom that loves us unconditionally. Our mom has been a teacher, counselor and best friend. On this special day we want to make sure our momma feels special because she is the most special person in our lives that holds down the forth, with no days off. For mothers day we decided to surprise our momma with a wonderful dinner. We decorated her table with many gifts. First I went to Michaels. I went to the fabric sections and bought a piece of fabric that was big enough to cover the table, to use as a tablecloth. I also bought smaller pieces of fabric which I used to fold into napkins, they have red hearths, I thought it was so cute!. Then, I went to the candles section. We all love candles so I decided to get some golden candle holders as well as …