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This is How I Managed to Make it on my Flight Without my Lost ID and Passport

What happens when you have a plane to get in and your drivers license is misplaced, while your passport is thousands of miles from you? I wish I knew the answer when I had this exact problem before my last flight .

Recently I helped my family move states from San Diego, California to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Surprised already? haha me too. Anyway, we drove across the country because we wanted to bring the cars and as many stuff as we could. Hours into our road trip I realized I forgot my ID (drivers license), which I needed to be able to fly back home. Luckily, Marymar was back in our house in San Diego for one more day before she had to leave for a trip too. I quickly called her and told her to mail me my id. She did just that and chose express shipping through UPS, I was supposed to receive my id a couple of days later.  Now you know how the story ends because I am here writing a blog post on how to still be able to travel, without an id and passport. UPS lost my mail and I freaked. So here is what I did to be able to go through TSA and get on my flight.

As soon as I knew I wasn’t going to receive my ID, I called the airline I was traveling in and told them about my situation. They recommended that I bring whatever I can to be able to prove that it was me who was traveling. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have any credit cards, I didn’t even have a simple library card with my name haha.

I tried calling TSA to speak to a representative and I was not able to make it past the automated voice. However, I emailed them thinking they wouldn’t reply, but I was trying everything at this point. Luckily they responded to my email the next morning, less than 24 hour response rate! thank you TSA. I told them about my situation and asked wether I was able to pass airport security without a picture ID. This is what they responded.

screen shot 2019-01-05 at 3.12.27 pm

At this point the universe was just aligning in my favor because my mom discovered she had packed up my birth certificate and social security card with her stuff, and brought it to her new house. I had two forms of ID, but I was still nervous.

What happened when I arrived to the airport.

I arrived to the airpot and when it was my turn to hand over my ID and scan my ticket I told the TSA agent I didn’t have an ID. She told me to step aside and another agent came over. I explained my story, and informed the agent of all the documents I brought, in order to prove it was me who was flying. Once I scanned my ticket and he looked at my documents I went through the x ray machine. Afterwards, two other agents grabbed my belongings and escorted me to another area where they patted me down and searched through all my belongings. After everything checked out fine I was cleared and I was free to go to my fight.

Hope this helps you if you find yourself in a similar situation. Flying like this is not ideal, but at least I was able to make it back home. It was not easy to get cleared, but I wouldn’t expect and I would be worried if it was. Great way to start the year haha I can tell it is going to be a good one. Has anything like this happened to you? let me know so I don’t feel as embarrassed! Talk to you soon love.


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