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Welcome the New Year the Right way with these Mexican Superstitions

Happy new year everyone! Today is everyones birthday. I love the first day of the year because there is never a day that feels as fresh, full of ambition, and exiting as today. New year day is truly a fresh start to execute whatever you goal you have in mind. 2019 can be whatever you want it to be. It can finally be the year you buy a house, or start saving for one. You can make that big change you’ve been wanting to make, but have been waiting for the right moment. Today, the first of the year, is the perfect sign you’ve been waiting for.

Growing up, Marymar and I have always had a ton of fun on New Years eve. The funnest part about celebrating and welcoming the new year was all the superstitious things we would all do. Putting in our thoughts and energy to make them work and believing in making the new year better than the previous. We would do a lot of little things truly believing it would set the path for the rest of the year. We still do some and others we haven’t in a while, but these are all the superstitious things we would do on New Years eve.

Welcome the new year with these Mexican superstitions:

  • Buy grapes and each person eats 12 grapes, one for every month of the year. Make one wish for each, as you eat them. According to Mexican culture, they come true.
  • You have to wear red to attract love throughout the year. This is one we still do today. We panic if we are not wearing any red, we fear a loveless year haha.
  • Wear yellow to attract wealth.
  • Want to travel a lot? Grab your suitcase and walk around the block. ( We never did this, but had family who did)
  • Wash all your clothes, sheets and clean your house in order to receive the new year with clean energy and good vibes.
  • We make a dinner party and right when the clock strikes midnight you have to hug you relatives and friends to wish them a happy new year.
  • Kiss your partner at midnight (this one is common in many cultures)
  • Wear something new. We would always wear something that was new, for a new beginning.
  • Dress up. Every new year eve we dress up. Our mom would always tell us that we had to welcome the new year looking the best we could look and feeling our best because of that. That means wearing an awesome outfit, doing your hair and makeup.

Unfortunately me and Marymar couldn’t spend new year together this year, but we were sending each other pictures throughout the night to feel like we were together haha. Marymar welcomed 2019 in crested butte, Colorado and I was in Oklahoma City.

These are all the superstitions we grew up doing on new year eve. Wether you believe in them or not is all up to you, but its fun doing all these with family and kids wether their true or not. Plus, its a great way to get kids to clean up haha. I hope your new year is amazing full of love, courage, growth and adventure. Were only in this world for a significantly small amount of time so lets enjoy every day we are gifted with, and always remember that self care is the most important thing you can do, because with a healthy heart, mind and body we can achieve anything. Did you do any of these things on new year eve or different ones? let us know! Welcome 2019!

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