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What’s in Sherry’s Bag

Hi love! Marymar and I love reading other post in which bloggers lay out the contents of their bags and show us what they carry around everyday. I love that idea, not only because I am always curious what people harbor in their bags haha, but also because I have found really cool gems this way. Marymar showed me a “whats in my bag” blog post and that is how I came across my now favorite snack, olives in a bag (they are sold in Trader Joes and they are so delicious). After reading that post I decided that I too would like to reveal my contents, and now it will be no mystery what I carry around.

Story Behind my Bag

The bag I have been using for a couple of years now has been this brown leather bag that Marymar gave me. She brought this to me after her 6 month long excursion in India. It was the least she could do after leaving me for half a year haha kidding. I love this bag so much and although y’all can see I clearly need a new bag, I find it so hard to let this one go. In fact, Marymar and her husband Curran just came back from their honeymoon. One of the places they went to was India! and they brought me another bag similar to this one so I will be making the transition as soon as my heart is ready to let go of the current one.

My Contents

Lip Products

If you read my favorite lipsticks article, than you will recognize my favorite lipsticks because I carry them with me at all times. On top of my favorite lipsticks I ALWAYS carry lip balm (white tin can) with me, which Marymar gave it to me too after I told her how much I loved it. It is one of the few lip balms I feel does a great job hydrating my lips. If you haven’t tried that one, you must! Get it here.


I take this bag on every trip I go on and I’m always stuffing it with random things throughout the day. When I return from trips I usually clean out my bag and ill find cool stuff that I’ll forget I put inside. I put those things in a special pocket in my bag, because when I catch a glimpse of them they always bring back memories. Pictured is a ticket for the Japanese Garden in Portland, and a ticket for a water taxi I took across a river in Thailand. Also, my sister bought and wrote a postcard to me in India and she never sent it, so when she gave me my current bag she gave me the postcard with it. Not only is that postcard super special to me, but also I could never separate them (the bag + postcard), I feel like they’re sisters now. They were brought from India to San Diego together, my postcard and bag deserve to be together forever haha I cant be the only one that does this.

Fashion Tape

I strongly recommend everyone to carry fashion tape in their bag. It is a tiny container  with strips of double sided tape. It will save you from wardrobe malfunctions and takes up almost no space. I have used it so many times already and I have had it for only a couple of months. I got mine here from amazon.


Marymar gave all her bridesmaids and me (maid of honor) a cute gift bag, which included this lotion that smells fantastic and so fresh. The scent is sparkling plum, orange flower, and warm amber. Fun fact, my favorite smell in lotion, and candles is warm amber.


One of my closest friends gave me a valentine card last year and attached with it was a cool pin and this Dinosaur. I love Dinosaurs and they’re my favorite animal so it stayed in my bag haha.


The last thing I keep in my bag is this little pouch that I keep all my cards in. Marymar gave this to me as well. Brought all the way from India and I’ve now realized that half of the contents and my bag were gifted to me by Marymar haha thank you sister! Now I know she really does love me, and it only took her giving me a ton of gifts for me to realize this. Haha kidding.

Those are the contents in my bag. These items hardly ever leave my bag, they are my everyday staples. Share with us the contents of your bag! Tell us what treasures you carry around everyday. Thank you for reading love. Talk to you later!

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