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How to Fix Your Broken Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

Hi love! A few weeks ago I opened my high end highlighter, only to discover it was shattered! I was so devastated, and wondered what on earth I had done to deserved this type of karma. Once I composed myself, I posted a picture of my broken highlighter on my instagram story and a lot of my friends commented on it. They told me they had the same problem and they didn’t know what to do about it. Unfortunately, but also luckily, I have gone through this before. I had another highlighter that had shattered and I figured out how to fix it. So let me show you how you can easily fix your broken makeup.

What You’ll Need:

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All you need is alcohol, a paper towel, a quarter and something to further break up the product, such as the end of a makeup brush (not pictured above).

Step 1:

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I’m using the end of one of the thinnest makeup brushes I own to further break up the makeup. You want to break it up until you can’t break it up further, and it will look like the picture below.

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Step 2:

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Add alcohol to the powder. The amount of alcohol you need to add depends on how much product you have, therefore add very little at a time and mix until all the product is incorporated. It should look like a thick paste, such as it does below.

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Step 3: 

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Wrap your quarter in your paper napkin and start pressing the product down. You will need to rearrange your quarter around your napkin every few presses because your napkin will get wet and eventually tear. Therefore, press down and move the quarter around before that happens, you don’t want your quarter touching your makeup without a barrier in between.

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Final results

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This is what your final product will look like after you’ve completed the steps above. Your makeup will be a little wet, but let it dry for a day or two and you should be ready to use it again. The alcohol will not change anything about the makeup, once it dries it will be as good as new!

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments if you have any broken makeup you will be fixing with this technique. Talk to you soon!

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