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My Top 3 Favorite Nude Lipsticks

Hello beautiful. I love nude liquid lipsticks, and through much trial and error I have come across three nude lipsticks that have become my favorite. They are always in my bag and, 99 percent of the time I am wearing one of the three. I am always asked what I am wearing on my lips whenever I use these colors, so here they are!

  1. Bow N Arrow -Kat Von D


  1. Find It Here.



I love this lipstick I wear it the most when I create a dark smokey eye. Its the perfect subtle nude shade for a dark smokey eye look. I did my own make up for Marymar’s wedding and this is the lipstick I used. I did not do a smokey eye, I did a pretty neutral bronzy look, but I wanted a very subtle lip color and this was perfect for that day.






  1. BOHO -Nudestix


Find It Here.


This is my only favorite nude lipstick that is not a liquid lipstick. It is a matte. I have been obsessed with this color for months now, I have replaced this about 3 times now. It comes in a tin container with a mirror on the lid and a sharpener. The fact that it comes with a sharpener is extremely nice because you don’t have to worry about buying your own.






  1. 1993 -Urban Decay

Find it Here.

I love how long wearing this lipstick is. Im not the type of woman to eat and still have my lipstick perfectly sitting on my lips. Marymar is that type of woman, I’m not, and I do not know how she does it! When I know I have a long day and I do not want to reapply my lipstick so much throughout the day, than I make sure to wear this liquid lipstick.



Those are the three lipsticks I never leave my house without. I promise you those lipstick are currently in my every day bag, and they come with me wherever I go. I never know what shade I will be in the mood for so I bring them all haha.  Let me know what your favorite nude lipsticks are! Thank you love, until next time!

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    • I have not tried them, but I will definitely look for them next time I’m in a makeup store. Im excited to try them out. Always looking for long lasting lip products. Thank you!


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