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DIY Cake Pops

Hi loves! Our little baby sister turned one year old! And we decided to throw her a little birthday party. We wanted to make most of the things ourselves, such as the dessert, food and decorations, just to make the celebration a little more personal. One of the things we baked was cake pops! We took pictures of the process so we could show ya’ll how to make them.

Step 1:


We decided to do the cake pops from box cake mix, to save some time.We always buy the Pillsbury cake mix brand. The bread from this mix is really tasty, moist and fluffy. For this step grab a cake mix of your choice and follow the instructions on the box, for baking. It doesn’t matter what pan you cook it in because you’re going to destroy it once it is done baking. And do not worry about cutting corners with box cake mix, no one will notice.

Step 2:

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Once the bread is out of the oven, let it cool. Once it has cooled, take it out of the pan and destroy it in a bowl. Make sure the whole thing is crumbled until you get fine bread crumbs.

Step 3:

Add frosting to the cake crumbs. We bought the frosting from the market as well, and same brand. Do not add the whole container of frosting. Just add enough so that you can scoop up some bread in your hands, make a ball, and it will hold together. You can either scoop up the bread with an ice cream scoop, or eye ball it with your hands.

Step 4:

I like to put the rolled balls in the freezer for about 20 minutes so they can set. It makes it easier to dip them in chocolate/candy coating later on.

Step 5:

Melt the chocolate. I used candy melts. I bought white and bright pink candy melts to mix and make different shades of pink. Grab your lollipop stick and dip it about one fourth of an inch in the candy melt and then grab a rolled bread ball and stick it inside the ball. This makes it so the ball doesn’t move around, because once the chocolate hardens it keeps it in place.

Step 6:

Dip the rolled up bread ball in the melted chocolate/candy and make sure you tap the stick a little so the excess can come off. Also, make sure you melt the chocolate/candy in a deep container so it is easy to dip the ball in once and not have to re-dip to cover it all.

Step 7:

If you want to add anything for decoration, do it before the coating dries. I added silver and gold sprinkles and left some without just in case someone didn’t want sprinkles on theirs.

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I set my cake pops to dry on a styrofoam piece I bought in a craft store. Once they are dry you are all done! Then comes the best part, you can start eating and enjoying your finished product!

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Cake pops all done. We baked and decorated the cake as well.

Lets us know in the comments if ya’ll want to see more baking post! We love baking and we love sharing our recipes with our friends! If you bake these goodies upload a picture to instagram and add the hashtag #wildflowersms so we can comment and like your creations.

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