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Where to Find the Cheapest Flights

Hi love. Let me tell you something about us, we love to travel! We love hopping on a plane every time we can and explore new places. One of my goals for my birthday this year was to start traveling. I decided that I finally needed to start seeing the rest of the world/country that I live in. So I’ve been planning trips for every month or every other month. We also travel a lot because we live in different states now. Since we can’t survive if we do not see each other every few weeks, we have to hop on a plane and go visit each other. So after so many plane rides, we have learned a few tricks on how, and where, to find the cheapest plane tickets, and of course we want you to be able to save some schmoney too!

Google Flights

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 2.06.14 AM.png

When I am planning my next trip, the first place I go to find the lowest prices is GOOGLE FLIGHTS! Just gave away my biggest travel saving tip. A lot of my friends ask me where do I look for flight tickets and I always direct people to google maps. It is rare to find cheaper tickets somewhere else, it does happen, but it is rare. I have bought most of my tickets through google flights.

Sky Scanner

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Like I said, most of the time I buy my plane tickets on google flights, but that doesn’t mean that is the only site I check to get the cheapest flights. I always check more than one site to guarantee I’m saving the most money. After I check flight options on google flights, I compare the prices to sky scanner. I have found cheaper deals on sky scanner before, so it has helped me save money.


Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 2.10.27 AM

I have found some great deals on this app too. When I went to Thailand I bought my tickets through here. The tickets here, for Thailand, were about $300 cheaper than any where else! It helped me save a lot of money.


  • I usually buy/search tickets during mid week, because tickets are the cheapest during those days.
  • If you are looking at flights and found a trip you really liked, but are not ready to buy, than you can track the flight. When doing this you will get alerts when the tickets change in price. That way you can alway keep an eye on the price before they get too expensive.
  • In order to avoid extra fees, I fit everything I am traveling with, in a carry on luggage. Carry ons are usually included with your ticket, unless you are traveling in a more affordable airline such as spirit, frontier, southwestern etc. In those airlines you have to pay for every little thing because their prices tend to be so low.
  • I always travel with a backpack, if a personal bag is included, because I can always pack whatever doesn’t fit in my luggage, into my backpack and not have to pay extra. So you have a lot of extra space in your backpack for free.

Those are the sites I always shop for plane tickets on. Comment if you have any tips or tricks to getting cheaper plane tickets, we would love to know! Also, if you use any of these tips use the hashtag #twowildflowersms on your instagram vacation pictures, we would love to see your travel adventures!


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