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How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly! 5 easy steps

My ultimate favorite part of doing my makeup is not my eyebrows, not the concealer but applying my lipstick! There is something so fun of having all your eyeshadow, lashes, foundation,etc.. ready and then BOOM here comes the lipstick! It ties the whole look together, don’t you think? But before I go on to share how I usually apply lipstick to as “perfect” as I can make it, I have to share a personal story about when I was a little girl and how my lips was one of my insecurities! You might be saying you have to be kidding me, everyone pays to have bigger lips but I was a young little girl I did not like my lips one bit, thats one featured I was bullied so much for. It was just different, idk if you didn’t really see girls with big lips in my school or maybe I was tiny making me an easy target I really don’t know. Before I went to puberty I had weird features, I was this tiny super skinny little girl with a hairy forehead, big lips and super nerdy glasses. Kids in my grade would call me “fish lips” and they would actually act it out, ahh! I would go home and tell my mom , “Mom this group of kids just keep calling me ‘fish lip, fish lips’ when they would pass by me”, but moms always know best. She would always tell me, “believe me there are people out there that pay a lot of money for this unique feature that you were born with, you’ll be thankful when you are older, believe me.” Eventually I stood up for myself and told the group of bullies,  “oh yes I actually do have fish lips and I love them!” They stopped bothering after that! Moral of the story is we are all so different but we have to love that about ourselves. The fact that there is not another you or me in this planet makes us so special. So you go ahead embrace and celebrate your insecurities. How boring would it be if everyone looked a like, liked the same things, said the same things, and did everything the same…no thanks! So to my elementary bully friends, I thank you for pointing out my fish lips because I turned my biggest insecurity to what is now my favorite attribute. (clapping emoji!)

5 Easy Steps:

1.I usually start by moisturizing my lips. I am a huge fan of a lip balm that I bought in India its all natural but my sister is always making fun of me when I apply this lip balm because it kind of stings my lips, haha I still like it. But second choice of lip balm which works so well with my lips are both Burt’s Bee Lip Balm  & Carmex.

2.I outline my lips, if you have a lip liner it works even better but for this lipstick I recommend outlining your lips. I usually try to emphasize lip creases, it makes for a more natural plumped look. The lipstick that I’m wearing is called Morocco- NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream. Im currently obsessed with this lipstick, it is so bright almost a little orange with hint of red.

3.Fill in the rest of your lips. It doesn’t matter if it is not outlined well because it takes us to our next step…concealer! (who ever invented concealer, you are just genius I use concealer for just about everything makeup related) I first bought this small brush for E.l.f. Concealer Brush to apply eyeshadow down on my lower eyelids (not what its for but you got to break the rules once in a while) but I now use it correctly for shaping my brows and lining my lips, great $1 purchase!

4.This is the fun part… it looks funny in the picture but the results are the best. Grab your concealer for this look  I use my ultimate favorite concealer Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer in the Medium shade. With your small brush try to conceal and move the brush as close as you can to the outer part of your lips. Trust me is not as easy as it looks, you kind of have to have a steady hands. This actually makes me a bit nervous sometimes because I have actually have messed up my lipstick this way. Last time I ended up with concealer in the middle of my lips haha I don’t have steady hands.

5.Lastly, BLEND BLEND BLEND. Grab you beauty blender, I am loyal to real techniques beauty blender (apparently my cat is a huge fan of the beauty blender too, I once found it torn to little pieces. Sheloshe thought it was her toy *sad emoji face)

Drum roll please…Here is the finish look!

Let me know of a time when you had an insecurity and how you turn that around? Love you all! Always keep on smiling!

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  1. sharnahsblog says

    you have the most beautiful lips! good on you for loving them! Great tips too xx


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