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Get to Know Sherry! 30 Random Questions

Hi friends! I am super excited to tell you a little bit more about myself. My sister and I are extremely passionate about this blog so I want to show you who’s behind it and my story so we can get to know each other and get a sense of who we are and where we are coming from.

My name is Sherry Fierro. I am from San Diego, Ca. Born and raised. I love this city, it really is a vacation spot, but year round for me. I have two sisters. My oldest sister is Marymar she is my partner in crime, soul mate and best friend. I am second in line, and for a long time we thought it was just going to be us two. Then, many years later my younger cool brother came along and we totally though that was it, three is a party and y’all know. Many years go by after that, and now we have a newer younger one. My baby sister is 1 year old! she’s a cutie who loves to dance. Amazing happy family.


Leah and her bff Grover

My sister and I have been inseparable ever since I was born, we are a year and nine months apart in age so we have always been able to relate each other. We lived in the same household up until she left to college. Then I went away for college too, but we did not attend the same one. I was attending a public school, UC Irvine. While she was enrolled in a private liberal arts school, University of Redlands. There was a huge difference in the colleges we were attending. Once we were both in college we were living about an hour and a half away from each other. When our mom gave Marymar a car thats when we started visiting each other all the time! we would sometimes get home sick so we would spend weekends with each other. One weekend we would party in her school and another weekend we would relax and do our homework in my school. Her school had really fun parties and my school had great study spots haha. We had the best time!


Mom, Marymar and Me

My mom was a single mom, so I started working in high school to help her with my expenses. I would attend school during the weekdays and work during the weekends as well as all my vacation days. Once I started working I never stopped. Every time, every day, every hour I could work I would. For many years I did not really think to do much other than go to school and work. That was until I turned 23. I remember thinking I needed to do something that I was passionate about and enjoyed doing for myself. I am not getting any younger and I do not want to live my life living like a robot. Life is short and we do not know when we are leaving the earth. I was taking my time for granted because I had the mentality that I can always travel later or im not doing it right now because of work, but the time will come when I can enjoy all the stuff I have been wanting to do.  When I turned 23 I told myself this was my year. This is going to be the year that I start doing things for me. I gave myself three goals. 1) Start Traveling 2)Workout 3) Start working on a passion. So I started doing all those things! And I am more happy than I have ever been. The working out part I am still learning to love and be consistent with, but I am not giving up on it haha.


23rd birthday in Chicago.

My other half name is Erik. He is so sweet and funny. I am always laughing when I am around him. We started dating our senior year of high school. We were not friends before we started dating, we knew of each other and we even rode the same school bus together, but we never spoke to each other. Than, one day I was waiting in line to get in the bus. I remember that I had my school ID inside my back pack and we needed to show our ID to get in the bus. I’m facing the bus and from the reflection of the bus window I see Erik walking down some stairs that led to the busses and I knew he was the funny kid that always sat in the back of the bus. He was about to get in line to go inside the bus so I was thinking i’m going to ask him if he could get my id from the front pocket of my backpack so I can start talking to him, and my excuse would be that I don’t want to take off my backpack so it would be easier for him to get it. So thats what happened and once he got my ID we started talking and he asked “why don’t you ever sit in the back of the bus?” and I said “If you want me to sit next to you why don’t you just ask me?” and there were no empty seats that fit two people, but his best friend was sitting in one so he asked him if he could move to another seat so we could sit next to each other haha so his friend moved and we talked the whole bus ride home and never stopped talking to each other since then. We never thought we would do the whole long distance thing, but with all its ups and downs we survived 4 years of college and now we are finally living in the same city and loving it.


I love reading, makeup, my family, traveling, coffee shops, Netflix, amazon prime shipping haha it has made my life better. Like Marymar’s fiancé, Curran, always says we are all lost. I believe we are all lost, but I also think the universe conspires to help us find our meaning and our souls purpose as long as we build the courage to pursue our dreams and passions. We love helping women out, we like to fix each others crown and we want everyone to feel empowered and encouraged to be who they want to be.

30 Questions

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as your dinner guest?

Paulo Coelho, so we can talk about the universe and our souls purpose.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?

I would love to be a boss bitch, with no problem. Working on it.

What is your most treasured memory?

Me and Marymar as little girls with our mom.We were always outside doing something, whether it was going to the park or walking to the store, we always had a lot of fun.

What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?

Racing cars, I love speed.

What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

Backpack all over Southeast Asia. It is on my bucket list.

What are some small things that make your day better?

Reading. If I make time to read for at least 20 minutes, i’m happy.

What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?

The Alchemist

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Travel abroad and experience other cultures.

What are you addicted to?

Matcha Lattes

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Matcha Latte

What is one of your favorite smells?

Fig scented candles.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Marymar and I used to always go to the store with our mom and she would buy us each a bag of hot Cheetos. We would always open the bags at the same time and finish them at the same time because non of us wanted the be left without any chips while the other one still had some. So if one of us was eating them slowly the other one would too. Or if Marymar only wanted to eat half of the bag I would eat half too haha.

Which restaurant is your favorite?

Cucina Urbana. Had my graduation dinner there, per Marymar’s recommendation. They have the best wine, for a great price too.

What type of food do you prefer?

I love too many types of food, but if I absolutely had to pick I would go with Mexican food.

What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?

Spirituality. People know what it is, but I don’t meet many people that believe in it so strongly.

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

Watching Netflix in bed.

What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?


What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

See the ocean.

How different was your life one year ago?

Very different. Shift in mentality and priorities.

What’s the best way to start the day?

Getting ready. When I start putting on makeup and change into my outfit of the day I feel like I can take on the whole day and be productive.

Where is the most relaxing place you’ve ever been?

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The small town my parents are from. It is so beautiful. My mom grew up on the beach and it is an amazing place with many hammocks and coconut trees and it is all so natural

What is special about the place you grew up?

You have it all in SD. The beach is never more than 15 minutes away. You can drive 40 mins and be in the mountains and see snow. There are so many great restaurants. People love to be outdoors so its an active city. The people are wonderful and the weather is perfect 99% of the time.

Who inspires you to be better?

My momma, sister, boyfriend, Oprah.

What song or artist do you like, but rarely admit to liking?

Banda. I don’t tell many people.

What book impacted you the most?

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey.

What’s the last adventure you went on?

I was just in Portland for the first time, a few weeks ago. Fun trip with a couple of my close friends. The whole trip was spontaneous, we never planned anything, we just did what we wanted to do in the moment.

What is your definition of a healthy relationship?

Communication. I also believe that the start to a healthy relationship is loving yourself and realizing that your partner is not responsible for making you happy. That is your own responsibility.

Who was your first celebrity crush? 

I grew up watching Novelas, but my first Hollywood celebrity crush was Brad Pitt after watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be and why?

Mmm I’ve never wanted to trade lives with anyone, but if it were for one day I would pick Rihanna. She’s such a boss, she has her own makeup line and she’s really talented.

If you could start a collection of one kind of item, what would it be?

An art collection. I love art and it makes me feel some

sort of way. IMG_1458


What bad habit do you have that you know you need to break, but don’t really want to?

Sleeping in. I love sleep, but I know I need to wake up early to be more productive.

Thats all the questions. I hope I can get to know you too, so tell me what would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

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Our journey started when we became sisters! Fast forward to today, we wanted to put our minds together and create an outlet where everyone can come and forget about their problems, and worries and just submerge in a world of positivity and creativity. We want to reach out to everyone and just share our knowledge through this blog. We need to help each other out. Its a rough world out there, but it makes it better when you have people behind you that will motivate you, push you forward, and teach you a thing or two. So lets be happy today and always, and join us on this wild ride we call life!

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