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Marymar’s 6 Favorite Drugstore Products

I want to share my favorite drugstore makeup product for this spring! I love a good bargain but I also like quality products I would say these items are definitely a bang for your buck. They are great quality products but at such a good price.



Maybelline Matte Poreless is the ultimate foundation for us girls with oily skin. I have struggled to find a foundation that would have enough coverage for my type of skin I also have a few acne scars that gets covered so well with this foundation. I have been using this foundation for a couple of years and now I use it on the everyday basis. It has a matte finish but it doesn’t look cakey. With my skin color the 310 Sun Beige Beige Soleil shade blends perfect with my skin color.

Find it here: Click Here






I discover this gem last year and I’m in love with the amount of coverage this product provides.  I usually buy medium moyen I have tried lighter concealers but its too light for the type of coverage I am looking for. I usually use this after I’ve done with my makeup before putting on powder and setting in spray. I like to  apply to highlight the high point of the cheekbone to define the cheek. And I also highlight between the brows.

Find it Here: Click Here




2ff3868ead1048cb36e21f398acd7462_bestEssence mascara! This mascara make your eyelashes look long and voluminous! I only need a couple of coats and it does the job. Also great price point!

Find it Here: Click Here





4.NYX Lipsticks:


These two NYX Lipsticks are my recent lipstick purchase. I was attending a fun 20’s/30’s themed party and I wanted a darker red lipstick for the party to go with my flapper outfit such a fun themed party! Either way I combined these two lipsticks and I loved it. I ate food and it still stayed on the whole night.  NYC Full Throttle Lipstickin FTLS 12 this is one not so matte but its waterproof and stays on for hours. NYX Super Cliquey SCL 09 Risktaker has a matte finish and it has a darker red tint to the other lipstick. Separate or together they look great on.

Find it Here: NYX-Risktaker  NYX Lipstick-Loaded




5.Ulta Matte Lip Cream:

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.37.28 PMPerfect lipstick for spring. It was a coral tint that dries into a natural looking tint. I LOVE this one I probably use it at least 3 times a week. I wouldn’t consider this lipstick a drugstore product because they only sell it in Ulta stores but the price is so good that I couldn’t resist adding this lipstick. Lipstick name is Courageous 

Find it Here: ULTA- Courageous

All 6 products are products I use on a regular basis. Im curious what are your favorite spring drugstore makeup products? 

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 6.34.27 PM

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