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10 Things to do in Portland

`1Hi loves! Recently I traveled to Portland for the first time, and I want to share with you 10 things you absolutely need to do while you are there. I went for spring break/ to celebrate a friends birthday, and it ended up being an awesome girls trip.

1) Hit Up Breweries Because Duh, It’s Portland.

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The first place we went to was a brewery. Portland is known for their amazing beer. As soon as I landed I looked up breweries online because I was starving, and a beer always sounds nice. We chose to go to Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House. I had the most amazing burger,  accompanied by a tasty beer, that had hints of cotton candy. You read right, cotton candy! It was definitely my type of beer.

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2) Voodoo Donuts!

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Not going to lie to ya’ll, Voodoo Donuts was the reason why I was so excited to go to Portland. My love of donuts is that big. Funny story, so we get to Voodoo donuts and there was no line whatsoever. So we’re outside taking pictures of the place and one of my friends said, “We should go inside before a lot of people come” and I’m like super chill so I said, “Okay let me take one more picture, were good girl.” So I’m taking a picture of the sign and then I look towards the door to start heading inside, when a group of about 30 people start entering and making line. The line ended up going out the door! So we ended having to wait in line behind all those people, because of my one picture haha. Totally worth it, because the donuts were delicious.

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I loved the inside of this place. It’s a super funky, cool vibe.

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And the best part… The DONUTS!

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3) Food Carts

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Portland is king of food carts. There is an area in downtown where you can find many food carts parked in one place. There are also lots outside of the downtown area you can visit. Food carts serve all types of delicious food, so you should definitely include it on your to do list. Specially if you’re a foodie like me.

People get super creative with their food carts! The one picture above was the best one I saw during the trip. It had a fireplace set in front of it, so everyone can sit around the fire on a wood stump while you eat, and tell stories haha, super cute.

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My friends and I went to Cartlandia. Theres so many food carts in this spot and we discovered that Voodoo donuts had a cart! No line here ha!

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I had the most delicious lamb gyro from a highly rated cart on yelp.

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And some more food haha.

4) Hoyt Arboretum

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If you are in Portland than you should definitely make time to be in nature. You drive a couple miles away from downtown and you will be at the arboretum. The arboretum has over 12 miles of hiking trails. Trails vary in time and difficulty, and the best part is that this activity is free except for parking which, is $2 dollars an hour.

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At some point we came across a fork in the woods where you had to choose to walk the most popular path or explore the path less travelled and I had to pull from all my years of wisdom to choose the right one. LOL JK! but doesn’t this picture look like it would have a quote like that written on it? haha

5) Rose Garden

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Once we hiked one of the trails, we went over to the rose garden. Due to the time of year, there were not that many flowers blooming, but regardless the ones we were able to see were very beautiful. Its definitely worth stopping by. This is a free activity, the only thing you need to pay is parking which, is $2 an hour.

6) Japanese Garden.

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There was an entrance fee to the Japanese garden which was around $14 dollars for an adult, and they offered student and military discount. With the student discount you end up paying a little less than $12. Parking is $2 dollars an hour.

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The Japanese garden was so peaceful to walk around and they had the best gift shop. So if you decide to go, make sure you make a stop at the gift shop before heading out.


If all the tranquility and peacefulness makes you hungry, because it happens haha, than you can also eat at their restaurant, pictured below. It has the biggest most beautiful cherry blossom tree right next to it.

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7)Multnomah Falls

I almost did not make it to this place during the trip. So my friends and I were looking for something to do during our last day in town. We had come across this place online, but we saw that with traffic the drive was going to be about an hour so we almost skipped it when we decided to go check out anyway. If you make the drive during non traffic hour than, it ends up being around 25 mins from downtown. To my surprise, not only is getting there and seeing the water fall incredible, but the drive was amazing too. While driving, most of the time you’re driving next to a lake and you see a couple of waterfalls before you see Multnomah Falls. It has been one of the most peaceful drives I’ve had in a while.

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Once there, parking is free and there is no fee to enter the park. We weren’t able to hike because all the paths were closed for maintenance, but regardless it’s so amazing  to be standing in front of a huge waterfall. It’s breathtaking.

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8) Portland Aerial Tram

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If you want to get a spectacular view of Portland then you need to head over to the Aerial Tram. The round trip fare is $4.70. Its a really quick trip, but you do get a great view of the whole town.

9) Try Restaurants

One of the things Portland is known for is great food! So go out there and try different food establishments. My favorite restaurant was Screen Door. I want to plan another trip to Portland just to go back!Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

I ordered chicken and waffles and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

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I took pictures of my friends plates too. Just so I can show y’all how good the food looked and tasted. Picture below is waffles and bacon yummm! The waffle had bits of bacon inside as well.

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And if you are part of the French toast committee then don’t fret! There is a delicious plate of french toast for you too.

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10) Check Out the Murals all Over Town

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There are so many amazing murals all over Portland. So take a stroll through downtown and check out how talented the local artist are.

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While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a picture of this iconic mural. It’s a must!

Okay babes, hope y’all get to explore Portland. If you do something on this list, send us your pictures! and let us know if you loved it. We wanna see how much fun y’all are having! ‘Till next time loves.

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