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City Guide: 5 things to do in Oklahoma City

Hola! I want to share some of our favorite things to do in Oklahoma City! Oklahoma City is where I (Marymar) live, it’s where my fiancé is from and where we decided to move after we traveled India for 10 months. Which I will talk about it another time just because it needs its own section literally! I spend a lot of time in India and I have lots to share so ill keep you posted. But back to OKC, when I first met my fiancé, I thought OKC was a small town with horses walking around sounds so ignorant but I really did not know much about the midwest. I was proven wrong, OKC is such an amazing city. It’s an up and coming city with a lot of new restaurants and places to hang out. Like we constantly say here in OKC, it is recently in a “renaissance period” because there is a lot of new development and there are a lot of people that are coming to this city to live from places where living situations are too high or people that want to live in a city but with a small town vibe. It is so much fun seeing this city grow and being part of this “renaissance period”. So if you get the chance to visit Oklahoma City, do it! The old historic buildings are incredible, its also my passion thats why I find it fascinating to just drive around and see all the unique old and restored buildings. OKC is known for its BBQ, queso, beef etc.. but we are seeing a California trend with fresh ingredients, well decorated trendy restaurants, and creative cocktails, all I have to say food here is just phenomenal. The chefs in town pour their love and passion towards their food but my favorite is the farm to fork concept which a lot of restaurants in OKC are leaning towards. Also huge trend in OKC… is more and more breweries are popping up.

  1. Aurora:

Sherry and her boyfriend Erik recently flew to OKC to spend a week in OKC. And we agreed that one of our places to walk around in OKC is the “Plaza District”. It’s one of the art districts besides “The Paseo District”. Plaza District is full of talented artist and fun places to eat. Aurora is one of them! Sherry and I went for brunch a couple months ago and we absolutely love the food, the atmosphere and staff. Choice of Plate: Pulled Pork Hash & Open Faced Lox with a Latte. Yum!!!

Aurora: Breakfast, Bar & Backyard

  1. Breweries in Plaza District

Oak & Ore, it’s such a fun place to grab a craft beer. You can tell these guys are passionate about a good craft beer, but they also do a great job with food that pairs well with beer. Highly recommend!

Oak & Ore

  1. Plaza District Walls

Its impossible to go to the Plaza District without taking a look at the Walls, oh do they stand out. Everywhere you turn in the Plaza District you will see a wall that is full an unique art. Its also impossible to not take picture, I always end up taking too many pictures but they are so unique! I can’t help it. A little info on the walls, “The Plaza Walls project was launched in September 2015 by co-curators Dylan Bradway and Kristopher Kanaly with approval by the Oklahoma City Arts Commission and Urban Design Commission. It brings talented artists to paint over the walls throughout the district. The Plaza Walls project has become one of the top tourist attractions in the Plaza District. One particular wall off of 16th street and Indiana happens to change every month for LIVE! on The Plaza.”

For more picture on the Plaza District Walls

  1.  Ramen!

This food lover is obsessed with this place!! I have to admit I over did it when I first tried this restaurant, I loved their food so much I would be there minimum once a month for like 4 months  but its perfect for when the weather is a little gloomy and you want to feel warm and cozy with a big bowl of ramen and a side of Asahi beer or a pot of green tea. Choice of Ramen: Tori Patina- It made with chicken broth, pork belly,  men,  fried garlic,  ajitama & negs. Plus a side of  their house made Garlic Chili Bomb.

Goro Ramen

  1. Thunder Game!

Go Thunder! Im officially an Okie which also makes me a big Thunder fan, okies are loyal fans of their teams and I’m one of them now. Never before had I been to a basketball game, I have been missing out all this time, these games have been so entertaining its difficult to leave my seat and go take potty break, I’m scared I will miss on so many points being made.

If you ever are going to drive through Oklahoma City or if you want to do a random trip here, make sure you stop by, say hello, explore and learn about OK rich history. This Californian approves and strongly recommends to be tourist for a weekend here. Which other cities in the Midwest do you like to go and visit?



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